Phantom Miesten Märkäpuku

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Patented technologies: BIO-STRETCH ZONE Strategically placed 1mm stretch zone - allows for max range of motion AUTO-POSITIONING SLEEVE 5mm band with visual cues - encourages a high elbow positioning on pull phase of stroke CORE POWER SYSTEM Internal support system - improves posture, enhancing hip rotation and lengthens stroke.

Material: Super stretch Yamamoto 39, SCS Coated

Aqua-Grip™ cuffs and Aqua-Flex™ collar seal to keep water out

Quick-release ankle transition panels - horseshoe-cut design for improved T1 time

Extended length, reverse-pull zipper with leash for easy on/off and quick transitions

Aqua Drive™ 5ml core body panel maximizes buoyancy and reduces drag

Thermo-Guard™ 5ml core body panel to retain body heat

Power-Zone™ forearm panels increase traction during the pull phase of your stroke


100% UV protection


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